Global Business Solutions

  • Source Funding for Projects 

  • Facilitate Contract Acquisition

  • General Construction

What we do

Echelon Technologies is a global IT Managed Services and CCTV installation company.


Echelon also offers a wide variety of business solutions, like sourcing funds for overseas projects (mostly in West Africa) and helping US-based companies bid and acquire large contracts in the region.

Echelon is a Global IT Managed Services Company and CCTV company. Our CCTV installations are usually for residential facilities and businesses. We accept a wide variety of general contracting projects too.

Overseas Project Acquisition & Funding

Echelon also offers a series of Global Solutions for its overseas clients. From contract acquisition and funding to procurement for large and small projects, we do it all, BOT, PPP etc.


Check out our Global Solutions page to see the various Global Business Solutions we offer as a multi-face company.

Typical Project/Contract Interests

Energy - Power Plants, Gas Pipelines

Agriculture - Farming, Machinery Procurement

Real Estate & Hospitality - Hotels, Parks, Rest Stops

Health - Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Procurement and Supplies

Transportation - Railway, Roads and Bridges Construction

Import/Export - Cocoa, Rubber, Coconut

Procurement - All kinds of Procurement