Core Services

We offer a full range of IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Here is a sample of the services we can provide for you.

Purchasing Computer Equipment

We are always available to work with our partners in purchasing the right

computer and network equipment you will need to run your business.

We deliver on time and only deal with the most reliable equipment.

Installing Software and Hardware

Our highly trained engineers and IT analyst are always ready to tend to

your hardware and software needs. We install most business hardware and

software. Give us a call.


Technology is dynamic and with this comes a lot of changes. We offer training

for all necessary upgrades to your environment.

IT Staffing

Finding the right employee for various IT tasks as a startup or small to medium

sized business is not an easy task. Let us carry that load. We will find you the

best candidates out there to help improve your business productivity.


Some of the biggest frustrations with computer equipment is identifying and

solving those pesky computer problems. Let us help you solve these problems

with our Help Desk and on-site support.

Network and Security Assessment

Is your system performing as well as it’s designed to perform? Do you have security

issues affecting the integrity of your information? We can review your network and

recommend improvements as necessary.



Backup Services

Our Backup service protects you with a foolproof method of securing your data. We

offer both on-site and off-site duplication of your files. It's on-site so that you can

easily access an accidentally deleted file or if the server crashes. It's off-site in the

event of a true disaster where the office equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged.




Firewall & Network Security

We use the latest generation firewalls, with secure wireless, gateway anti-virus,

anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, content filtering and the capability to have secure

remote access (VPN).




Disaster Recovery Planning

Without a Disaster Recovery Plan, you are gambling on your organization's future.

In the case of a disaster, you are responsible for your company’s lost data. This can

be a nightmare followed by a series of unwanted lawsuits. Most small businesses

don’t survive after disasters. Fortunately for you, Echelon Technologies specializes

in disaster recovery planning for small and large businesses.