Cargo To Ghana

Procurement &Freight Forwarding

Echelon has a large connection of qualified inspectors who can analyze and inspect equipment and products our overseas clients need to purchase and have shipped to them from the USA.

We cover many industries including healthcare, Engineering, Financial, Agriculture, Housing, Transportation and Personal residential projects. We have purchased mass equipment for hospitals and government agencies for various projects in Africa. 

We inspect, cover shipping and handling to Africa at very reasonable cost. Our deliveries are always secure and our clients love us.

If you plan on sending any equipment overseas and do not know where to start, give us a call, we will make the process seamless.

Overseas Contracts & Funding Solutions

Winning contracts and finding the right funds is a major headache for most companies who want to undertake BOT along with Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects. We take that headache away with the various solutions we offer.

Echelon has a large network of lenders who are ready to do business or invest in profitable ventures overseas. We assist our clients by providing consultation services to access these funds and also provide technical services to ensure the ultimate success of their projects

By aligning ourselves with a best in class system, our clients now benefit from one of the most robust decision making platforms in the investment world, and we leverage that data to earn the best risk-adjusted returns on their behalf.

Put our years of experience to work to help you find the sources and solutions you need. 

Each customer is unique and equally important; let us know what you need and we will assure you get the best solutions.


Our experienced project management staff can manage the project without the costly additional fees.

Industries we source funding for

Energy - Power Plants, Gas Pipelines

Agriculture - Farming, Machinery Procurement

Real Estate & Hospitality - Hotels, Parks, Rest Stops

Health - Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Procurement and Supplies

Transportation - Railway, Roads and Bridges Construction

Import/Export - Cocoa, Rubber, Coconut

Procurement - All kinds of Procurement